15 Argan Benefits and Uses That Will Help Improve Your Hair, Face, & Skin
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15 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Argan Oil on Your Face, Skin & Hair

Argan Oil Benefits

With so many different products to choose from, it can be difficult to know which new craze is worth trying out for your hair and skin and which one is better to let pass.

If you’ve been watching the excitement about argan oil and wondering whether or not it’s the right product for you, it’s time to get off the fence and start exploring argan oil uses in your beauty regime.

Argan oil is great for your hair, amazing for your skin, and will work wonders on your face. With these fifteen amazing argan oil benefits, this is a product that you should be using more often!

15 Miracle Uses of Argan Oil For Your Face, Hair & Skin. | Ideahacks.com

1. Slow Down Visible Aging

Let’s face it: no woman enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing fine lines and wrinkles. If you use argan oil on your face regularly, you can slow down the advancement of those lines and keep your face looking young and cheerful.

Using argan oil won’t just slow down the visible aging process. It can even reverse it! Regular use of argan oil will fill in those fine lines and wrinkles, help erase age spots, and leave your skin looking as perfectly young as you imagine it when you aren’t looking in the mirror.

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2. Argan Oil is a Natural Moisturizer

During the winter months, when the heat is on and the air is dry, your skin dries out quickly–especially the skin on your face. Argan oil is a natural moisturizer that will help protect your skin against even the driest days.

Not only that, it’s appropriate for all skin types, which means that you won’t find yourself staring down at a sink full of products as you try to figure out which moisturizer should be used on which part of your face.

If you want silky smooth skin that’s not dry and flaky no matter what time of year it is, invest in a bottle of argan oil for all your moisturizing needs.

3. It Won’t Harm Your Face

One of the biggest worries when you use a new beauty product is the potential side effects. How many times have you tried out a supposedly great new moisturizer or facial cleanser, hoping for the same spectacular results proclaimed on the bottle, only to discover that it leaves your face broken out, your pores clogged, and your skin greasy?

With argan oil, you won’t have that problem!

Argan oil is a miracle solution: all of the moisture, great anti-aging benefits, none of the downsides. That’s definitely a moisturizer that you could come to love.

4. There’s No Greasy Feeling

This key benefit of argan oil: it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Many lotions and after-bath oils leave a film on your skin that lasts for hours after you use the product.

With argan oil, you won’t have to worry about that long-lasting residue. Instead, you’ll just enjoy your smooth skin and its increased elasticity.

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5. Argan Oil Mixes Up a Great Exfoliator

Exfoliating at home is made easy when you use argan oil to mix up a do-it-yourself blend. Just add oil to a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, then rub it into your skin. It will open up your pores, help clean off dead skin, and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Want a hint of minty freshness? Adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil will allow you to enjoy that great cooling sensation with your exfoliator.

6. Argan Oil Makes a Great Conditioner

When you’re looking for an amazing conditioner for your hair, there’s no reason to look any further than argan oil. Argan oil is one of the best natural conditioners you could ask for.

It will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth whether you’re headed out for a date or curled up on the couch for a night in.

Argan Oil World also offers a great guide for how to use argan oil in your hair so that you can take a more in-depth look at all of the products on the market and how to choose the one that will work best for your hair.

7. Argan Oil Makes Your Hair More Manageable

There’s nothing worse than a bad hair day for draining your confidence and making you feel unable to face the day with the usual spring in your step. When you keep a bottle of argan oil on the counter, however, you can turn those bad hair days around quickly!

Reduce frizz with just a few drops of oil rubbed into your hands or a quick spray from a bottle of argan oil, and before you know it, your hair will fall into line. This great product will also leave your hair looking smooth and shiny so that you can enjoy a great look every day.

8. Reduce Acne Easily and Naturally

When you suffer from adult acne, the struggle to control it is real. Whether you break out only at a specific time of the month or you struggle with acne all the time, argan oil could be the answer to your problems.

Argan oil is naturally soothing and promotes healing in skin that’s been affected by acne.

It might seem counterproductive to put more oil on your skin when you’re already struggling with that greasy feeling, but give it a try! Acne is often the result of dry skin.

When your body tries to compensate for that dryness, breakouts sneak in. Argan oil naturally moisturizes and soothes your skin, chasing acne away once and for all.

In some cases, it can even reduce the production of sebum, the natural oil in your skin, to leave you with healthier, less acne-prone skin that will delight you.

9. Argan Oil Reduces Eczema Symptoms

Suffering from eczema is unpleasant for anyone. Dry, itchy skin is uncomfortable, and it’s often unattractive, too. Argan oil offers a solution!

The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the allergic reaction that leads to eczema while providing a layer of protection for your skin that can help reduce future reactions.

Whether you think you’ve tried every product on the market or are looking for a more natural way to help decrease eczema, argan oil is a great place to start.

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10. Argan Oil Makes a Great Overnight Hair Conditioning Treatment

There are times when your hair just needs a little more pampering. Maybe you’ve colored it a few too many times, used a few too many products, or the dry air is just starting to get to it.

Whatever the case, a deep conditioning treatment will help significantly improve the appearance of your hair.

Mind Body Green suggests working a generous amount of argan oil through your hair, then wrapping it in a towel overnight. When you wash it out the next morning, your hair will glow with health!

11. Argan Oil Protects Against UV Damage

The best benefit of argan oil isn’t just the fact that it creates great results for your hair and skin as you use it. It also offers protection against damage that you don’t even realize that you’re getting!

One of the biggest benefits of argan oil is its ability to block new UV damage while simultaneously healing former damage. If you want to protect your hair and skin when you’re outside, argan oil is definitely the way to go.

12. Argan Oil Will Soften Your Heels

Your feet take a beating every day. You push them into stylish shoes that, although gorgeous, aren’t always the most comfortable. You’re on your feet for a large percentage of the day. Many times, your skin pays the price in the form of cracked, dry heels.

In winter, you can hide those heels in your boots. When summer rolls around, however, you’re going to wish that you’d taken the time to take care of your feet!

Whether it’s time for sandals or you’re just looking for a way to pamper your feet over the winter, argan oil is a great way to make it happen.

First, wash your feet. Then, cover your heels and other dry spots in a generous layer of argan oil. Add a pair of thick socks and crawl into bed. When you wake up the next morning, your feet will be much softer!

13. Argan Oil Can Repair Your Split Ends

The hardest part of growing out your hair or keeping it long is keeping up with split ends. You don’t want to trim your hair when you’re in the middle of growing it out, but you can’t afford to let that split get worse, either!

Enter argan oil. When used regularly, argan oil can help prevent split ends from forming in the first place, making it a great choice for that important growth cycle. If you’ve just noticed split ends starting to form, however, it’s not too late!

A deep conditioning treatment with argan oil or adding argan oil to your regular beauty routien can help repair those split ends, giving you back the gorgeous hair you were hoping for. It will also seal in moisture and make your hair stronger so that it will be less likely to break.

14. Argan Oil Will Reduce Stretch Marks

Whether you’re pregnant, struggling with weight gain, or in those awkward teenage years where things are growing faster than your skin can stretch, stretch marks are your enemy. You’ve done your best to attack them, but they just keep appearing!

While some things can’t be prevented entirely–stretch marks depend on genetics more than almost anything you can do to prevent them–argan oil can significantly reduce your odds of getting stretch marks.

It will also decrease the number that you do get.

Because argan oil increases skin’s elasticity, it makes it easier for your skin to stretch in response to the changing needs of your body. This will leave your skin looking fantastic and feeling great–a definite benefit no matter what stage of life you’re currently living.

15. Argan Oil Can Be Used All Day

Do you have a cabinet full of beauty products that are supposed to be used at different points in your beauty regime? You might have one moisturizer that goes on first thing in the morning, preferably one with a good SPF, and another one that you put on at night to cake the moisturizer in.

Argan Oil Will Do Wonders For Your Face, Skin & Hair

Argan oil is the perfect substitute for both of those products. It’s light enough to use during the day, but effective enough to give you the results you want overnight–the ideal beauty solution for a busy woman who has more to worry about than which moisturizer she’s grabbing when she reaches into her cabinet.

When you’re looking for a natural moisturizer for your hair, face, and body, argan oil is the perfect solution. You can use it to reduce acne, help increase your skin’s protection from dangerous UV rays, and help prevent stretch marks.

It’s perfect for a deep conditioning treatment that’s left in overnight or a light conditioner that will smooth down fly aways and leave your hair looking great all day long.

If you’re able to add just one more item to your beauty box, pick up a bottle of argan oil. This is one beauty craze that you definitely shouldn’t ignore!

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