The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan

Dog training program that teaches common behavioral issues step-by-step by one of the world's most skilled dog trainers.

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The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan

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Training Program


3 day $1 trial


A step-by-step dog training program by world class dog training expert that teaches your dog how to overcome common behavioral issues.


He was an abandoned, sad eyed Jack Russell terrier mix, cowering in a corner, but I managed to get him to slowly approach me and sniff my hand. I brought him home. My kids were ecstatic. After a few days he had come out of his shell and was full of energy.

He was still very skittish around loud noises, but when he wasn’t reacting to noises, he was jumping all over the house. My furniture was getting damaged, my floors scratched up and my neighbor was unhappy with the fits of barking he’d break into when startled.

I was a middle aged mom of four at her wits end. Nothing I did worked, and I didn’t want to break my kids’ hearts by giving him up to the shelter. While searching online for some method to train him into better, less disruptive behavior I discovered the website of Daniel Abdelnoor, aka Doggy Dan, the online dog trainer.

About the Online Dog Trainer

It seemed an incredible idea. Doggy Dan proposed to teach me how to train my dog out of his bad behavior online, using a library of hundreds of video lessons.

I read through his list of 7 dog training myths, and I was embarrassed to admit I fell hook, line and sinker for the very first one: the best solution to stop dog barking is using a shock collar. I had indeed bought a shock collar, and it not only didn’t help, it made matters worse! My next mistake was to believe the fourth myth in his list; that older dogs are set in their ways and can’t be trained. I wouldn’t realize how wrong I was about that one until much later.

The Online Dog Trainer

My Initial Thoughts About The Program

By far the worst thing I was doing according to Doggy Dan was that I was physically correcting my dog and trying to dominate him, instead of earning his respect and love.

I was completely at a loss as to how I was going to keep him without my house being wrecked and my peace of mind ruined by incessant barking. I had neither the time, nor the money for any sort of professional obedience training. Using the resources at Doggy Dan’s was incredibly affordable by comparison, and unbelievably convenient. I took the plunge.

Doggy Dan with Puppy

I started out by taking advantage of the 3 day free trial, and immediately benefited from the pack leader introduction and the five golden rules. Just the information on how important it is to control the food was priceless.

Just this one selection of instructional video provided an organized set of knowledge and methods to try out, and I was rewarded with almost immediate success. There was finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

If you are little skeptical like myself, than read this...

I’m going off on a tangent now, but he has an absolutely heartwarming video diary called project Moses that I had to watch from beginning to end. He actually records the first 8 months in the life of his new puppy, showing how he uses the techniques he’s developed to properly train him to life in his new home. This is the sweetest collection of videos I have ever seen. I can see how this is easily one of the most popular offerings he has.

Next I studied the videos under the topic of dog problems. I found the information on barking, hyperactivity and jumping up especially pertinent to my situation.

Navigating to different audio and video recordings according to topic was brilliantly easy. I had no problems quickly finding and accessing the information that interested me. The videos are all very entertaining, informative and show in high quality on my computer and tablet. There are no problems with playback at all.

By the end of my three day free trial I was absolutely hooked. I signed up as a regular customer and promptly had access to all the resources on the website. Just the improvement I was able to accomplish in three days was incredible, but I could also see that I was going to need regular tutoring by Doggy Dan over a much longer period if I was going to permanently solve my dog’s misbehavior and sensitivities.

The Online Dog Trainer Review

I began to regularly visit the forum, reading dozens of posts related to my own dog’s particular issues, learning from other owner’s experiences. I enjoyed posting my own thoughts and experiences to the forum as well. It was wonderful to feel part of a larger community of dog lovers, all trying to make the most of their wonderful companions.

My Final Verdict

Doggy Dan and his remarkable collection of videos at are an invaluable resource for anyone who wants the best and kindest solutions to their dog’s issues. There is no reason to resort to harsh, punitive methods of training. Doggy Dan proves that none of them work, and are horribly counter productive in the end.

Why have an unhappy, suffering pet, when you can use these loving and effective techniques that he’s developed? If you need advice and practical methods to cure your pet’s behavior, but can’t afford the time or money to pay someone to come to your home, you need to go to and see Doggy Dan. He’ll show you how to teach your dog with love.


The Good Stuff:
  • It actually worked, and worked extremely well. Peace reigns in my home, my children and I enjoy our beloved dog, and the dog is definitely enjoying his life much more.
  • It is really enjoyable to interact with the other people on the forums. I love helping others through their own dog’s behavioral problems, and offer my experiences as an example.
  • I love the confidence I have in my own abilities, since I was able to learn, and apply what I learned pretty much on my own.
  • It was very much less expensive, and convenient than hiring someone to come out to my home to help me train my dog out of his destructive and disruptive behavior.
  • Doggy Dan is an absolute delight to watch in his videos, his calm demeanor and love of animals really shines through.
  • It’s great to be able to advise my friends on how to solve simple behavior issues with their own pets from what I’ve learned.
The Bad Stuff:
  • The fact that you don’t actually have someone there who knows what they’re doing. In the beginning especially I’d have liked a bit more handholding so to speak.
  • I have trouble remembering details, and sometimes it was hard to recall exactly how I was supposed to proceed in a given situation.
  • Even with instructions and rules printed out, I had difficulties. Referring to a sheet of text while the dog is misbehaving can be difficult, to say the least.
  • In the beginning I lacked confidence, and having an experienced trainer by my side who I could emulate by imitation would have been helpful.
The Online Dog Trainer

Start Solving Your Dogs Behavioral Issues Today!

Doggy Dan also include several exclusives bonuses for individuals who take the trial and subscribe to his monthly training.