The Beauty of Food Review by Hanan

Get more healthier and natural skin by using everyday items in your kitchen.

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The Beauty Food by Hanan

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This eBook provides women with a natural way to look younger and healthier by using everyday food products in your kitchen.


Just like millions of other ladies across the globe, I used to spend a large amount of money on beauty products every year—most of which proved to be ineffective at what they had promised to do. Having wasted a lot of money on various cosmetic products, realizing that the beauty of food guide was effective came as a relief.

Currently, there are numerous beauty products for discolored skin, wrinkles, cellulite and even others that promise to make you look younger, but don't.

Most of the cosmetic products available today are based on chemicals, which are often harmful to the skin. Prior to trying out this beauty program by Hanan, I had tried my luck with various chemical-based products such that the effects could be seen on my face; I was looking older than I actually was and my facial skin was wrinkled.

Such a tired look—regardless of the many products you have used to remedy the situation—is disgusting for almost any woman today. However, it only took me a week on the beauty of food program to start noticing positive results. Throughout this review, I will illustrate what the program has done for me and why you should try it out.

What is Beauty of Food?

This is one of the most comprehensive nutritional guides today, packed with a vast array of beauty tips and recipes, to help ladies look younger and more beautiful naturally. The guide is offered in the form of an eBook and is composed by Hanan. The guide offers a beauty program that is not only natural, but also easy to follow and highly effective. The recipes contained in this program are based on affordable and readily affordable ingredients—most of which I could get without leaving my kitchen.

Most of the recipes and beauty tips included in the beauty of food eBook have been tested and proven to be effective.

Some of them have also been in use by Persian royalties for many generations. The fact that the recipes use natural ingredients means that the recipes will not lead to any side effects on its users.

Beauty of Food eBook

Why Does Hanan's Recipes Work So Well?

After purchasing the product, I found its instructions easy to follow because they were straight forward. Basically, the guide is divided into various sections. As such, you can easily navigate to your preferred section—depending on the beautification problem you would like to solve.

The writing style is also interesting as it appears as though you are talking to the author directly. Applying the health and diet regimes from this eBook in your daily life is also easy because the ingredients are readily available.

One of the best features of this guide is its affordability. For a comparatively low cost, Hanan will present you with some of the most effective beauty tips to help you maintain a younger, more beautiful and healthier skin. Some of the features associated with this product include:

  • Reliability
  • It helps you avoid wrinkles in days to come
  • Features an array of recipes, hence you can use the one appropriate for your condition
  • The guide will help you have shiny and healthy hair
  • The beauty tips will leave your skin looking attractive and smooth
  • It is easy to comprehend and follow
  • The ingredients are all-natural
  • It features fast and reliable customer support​

Will This Guide Really Help You?

Initially, I thought that the guide was just another scam to dupe ladies of their hard earned money. This is mainly because I noticed that the book had heavily relied on common foods and ingredients, such as pumpkin seeds and kales. I could not believe that such common foods could help me enhance my skin condition in any way. After following the guide for a week, I started noticing improvements—just as the guide had prescribed.

Are you looking forward to tightening your facial skin and get rid of that old and tired appearance? The recipes containing pumpkin seeds will be very beneficial. In this regard, the seeds will help tighten your skin. If you would like to detoxify the skin, kale will help you. According to the author, kales are rich in Vitamin C—which will help you detoxify your skin.

With the blueberries recipe, contained in the eBook, you can protect your skin against the harmful rays from the sun and help it grow. Based on the information in the guide, blueberries have an anti-inflammatory property that will help you in this regard. In addition to detailed explanations and tutorials, the book also contains clear pictures and illustrations to help you apply the various remedies on your own.

The book is precisely composed to help ladies with various skin and beautification problems remedy them naturally. As such, the book will help you get rid of blemishes, acne and enhance the health of your hair and skin.

My Final Verdict

I think the appeal to purchase this guide — on my part — was the fact that it comes with a 30-days money back guarantee. As such, I knew I could return the product and get all my money back, if I did not see any results after using it for 30 days. However, this did not happen because all went so well that I am encouraging you to try it out yourself.


The Good Stuff:
  • The eBook is comparatively cheap to acquire
  • The ingredients and methodologies used in the book are practical, readily available and affordable.
  • The eBook uses clear and straightforward language that is easy to understand.
  • The guide is divided into various sections for enhanced readability.
  • A money back guarantee
The Bad Stuff:
  • I think the book should include a supplemental workout exercise
  • Occasional editing has led to awkward phrasing in some sections of the book.
Beauty of Food eBook

Start Turning Back The Clock Today!

If you want to look and feel younger than you ever have before by using all natural beauty recipes, then go ahead and order your copy.