Detailed Review of Smart Money Secret Book by Scott Hilton

Read my detailed review of the Smart Money Secret by Scott Hilton to see if it is worth buying and if it can really improve your credit score.

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This review provides a breakdown of what you get with the Smart Money Secret book and membership.


Smart Money Secret

If you have bad credit, and especially if you're being hounded by collection agencies, you’ll want to read this review seriously. The Smart Money Secret is a credit repair course that will enable you to improve your credit, remove collections, and increase your credit score.

What is Smart Money Secret?

The course is actually a guide book written by Scott Hilton, with input from Jay Hannon. These are two gentlemen who learned firsthand how the credit and collections industry functions, and they're sharing that information with you.

With the information that you will learn from the course, they say that you can get results in as little as one day, though some more difficult credit issues may take up to 90 days. But they report that the average is 30 days to improve a single credit entry.

Of course, you could go to a credit repair company and have them do something similar for you. But if you do, you will pay hundreds of dollars – and maybe even thousands – for their services. That will put you even deeper in debt than you are right now.

In addition, credit repair companies can't guarantee you that they will be able to repair all of your bad credit, or have all collections removed. No one can actually make that claim, but if you're paying someone to do just that, it's a double strike against you if it turns out that they can't. It means you will be paying for service you are not getting.

There's one other factor in regard to credit repair companies that cannot be ignored: not all of them are legitimate! Some will take your money, and do nothing for you.​

Some will even advise you to engage in illegal activities, such as setting up a bogus identity. They do this by having you apply for a new Social Security number, which is completely illegal.

You don’t need that on top of credit problems!​

Scott Hilton and Jay Hannon

Smart Money Secret provides insider information in the credit industry by Scott Hilton and Jay Hannon. Scott and his wife were in a position similar to so many others.

They owed money, were behind in their payments, and being harassed by collection agents. But in the process, they learned what to do, and what not to do. He's now sharing their success program.

Jay spent five years working on the front lines of the credit collection industry. He knows the techniques that are used to intimidate you into sending in money. And he also knows the best defenses against those techniques.

Scott and Jay bring their experiences into the program – with one as an insider in the system, and the other as a victim of it – so that you will know exactly what you can do to put a stop to the harassment and improve your credit and credit scores.​

What You Will Learn From Smart Money Secret

Scott and Jay put together this program by incorporating legal loopholes in the laws surrounding credit scores. These loopholes enable them to remove negative credit accounts, and they will show you how to do the same thing.

The program provides:

  • ​Pre-written letters to send to creditors to scare them into cooperating with you
  • Learn how to threaten to take creditors to small claims court, which by itself often makes them willing to work with you
  • Learn how to get really good credit lines within 30 days
  • And much, much more!

That last point is extremely important. If you have bad credit, you need to offset it with good credit. That will help you to improve your credit profile even faster.

Smart Money Secret Facebook Group

(Smart Money Secret) Facebook Group currently has more than 8,700 members. It is a page that you can go to and ask questions about the program and about obstacles you are encountering.

It's also a support group where members share their experiences and support one another. If you've ever gone through credit problems in the past, or you are going through them now, then you know how lonely a journey it can be.

Just knowing that others are in the same situation, and being able to swap ideas and strategies can help to bring you to a better place and encourage you to continue moving forward.​

You can order Smart Money Secret now for a one-time fee of $49, which is a small price to pay for an opportunity to repair bad credit and to eliminate multiple collection accounts.

“After using the techniques in your book, I finally feel like I have control of our family's finances again..." - Steven DeLong


The offer is virtually risk free too. Smart Money Secret is offering you to use the program for 30 days, when you can use it to remove as many negative credit entries as you want. If you don't agree that it's worth the price, then Smart Money Secret will refund your money.

With that kind of buyer protection, this offer is too good to pass up. Order today, and start cleaning up your credit so that you can get on with your life without having credit issues hanging over your head.


The Good Stuff:
  • Proven strategies for getting rid of collections on your credit report
  • Ways to help you rebuild and increase your credit score
  • 30 day money back guarentee
The Bad Stuff:
  • It's not a done for you program and you have to do the work
  • Manage and maintain your own spending habits
  • Have to obtain a credit report

Best offer + bonuses

Start Taking Control Over Your Finances Today!

When you order today, you'll also get a 30-day free membership to the all new "Smart Money Club" Private Community.