Ideas 4 Landscaping Review by Helen Whitfield

How to liven up your home with over 7250 breathtaking landscaping designs without hiring costly professional landscape designers.

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Ideas 4 Landscaping by Helen Whitfield

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This guide gives you access to over 7,000+ landscaping ideas that you can do own without a professional landscaping company.


Have you ever approached a landscaping company for a quote? Well, I once did and was disappointed that I could not afford it. As a lady, regardless of your occupation, the aesthetic appeal of your home—especially the outdoor space is something you probably are worried about.

After acquiring my first home, 18 years ago, I wanted to renovate it entirely to suit my style. Part of my renovation plan was landscaping for the patio, the front yards as well as garden. Just like you, I have always admired the front and backyards landscaping of the homes featured on the front pages of the leading gardening magazines. Armed with some ideas, I decided to consult a gardener.

After realizing that the service was just too expensive for me, I decided to abandon the quest and settle for the little that I could do around the garden, such as planting some flowers and shrubs. A few days later, I watched as landscapers worked on my neighbor’s garden. Watching these gardeners work left me wondering why they charge so much for such a simple task. That is when I resolved to do it on my own.​

Would you like to do it too?

Are you looking forward to having a perfect landscape in your home, but cannot afford it?

With the Ideas 4 Landscaping eBook, you will realize that landscaping is an easy task.

This collection of landscaping ideas will guide you through the process and even offer you impressive landscaping ideas you can apply in your home, something I wish I had 18 years ago.

What is Ideas 4 Landscaping?

Ideas 4 Landscaping is a simple collection of a wide array of landscaping ideas, designs, themes and pictures. The entire collection comprises of 300 pages, which feature step-by-step guides on how to perfectly implement the various landscaping designs it contains.

Owning this collection exposes you to more than 7250 designs, themes and ideas you can apply to have you desired landscape in your home. As such, it is a massive resource for ladies looking for new inspirations and landscaping ideas to apply in their homes. Have you ever contemplated on the fact that you can do this on your own? I did not have any landscaping and design ideas or knowledge, But I did it.

The Ideas 4 Landscaping collection presents you with 300 pages of comprehensive tutorials, more than 7000 images of very high resolution as well as video tutorials to help women accomplish this with ease. It took me five years to compile all the best landscaping ideas I have ever come across and some that only exist in my imagination.​

You may apply the various landscaping themes, styles and ideas contained in my collection in your backyard, garden or even the front yard. To simplify the content of the collection further, I subdivided it into 60 categories, such as:

  • Patios
  • Backyards
  • Decks
  • Lawns
  • Front Yards
  • Walkways
  • Gardens

Final Verdict

Even with this downside, thousands of homeowners have already invested in my collection. Those that have bought the collection have expressed high levels of satisfaction with my expertise and creativity—as depicted on the collection. The Ideas 4 Landscaping collection is among the most valuable resources you can invest in today and you can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee to try it out.


The Good Stuff:
  • A Wide Range of Landscaping Design Ideas
  • A Money Back Guarantee
  • Ideal For Experienced And Inexperienced Landscapers
  • Generous Bonuses Included
The Bad Stuff:
  • To offer you more convenience, I am offering the product as an online gallery—which you can readily download and use. This may be awesome and fast, but it takes away the thrill of watching the design ideas on a printed collection.

Start Creating Your Dream Yard or Garden Today!

For only $27 along with the 4 bonuses, this is an absolute no brainer especially with the 100% money back guarantee!