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Book that provides home remedies to help product your family from toxic products and medications..

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Everyday Roots Book by Claire Goodall

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This book provides over 215+ home remedies, natural beauty recipes, and DIY household products.


Most of us will reach a point in our lives where we pause while reaching for our aluminum-loaded deodorants and paraben-packed beauty creams and wonder if we're actually doing more harm than good to our bodies. Maybe you've endured the before and after effects of feeding your kids prepackaged snacks one too many times, or are sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired all the time.

Worst of all is the suspicion that where monetized human health is concerned, the so-called "cure" is usually a hundred times more dangerous than the disease.

Claire Goodall wasn't the first--and surely won't be the last--person to evaluate the abysmal state of our modern wellness industry and give it the "thanks but no thanks." What sets her apart, however, is the painstakingly extensive eBook, titled "Everyday Roots," she has written and contributed to the world of holistic living.

Containing over 20,155 practical tips and how-to's for living a 100% cost-effective organic life, the guide also features over 215 recipes and home remedies covering everything from beauty salves to medicinal remedies to household cleaning product alternatives.

Meet Claire Goodall

The Minnesota native and beekeeper was inspired to make a complete lifestyle overhaul in 2009 when a medication she had been taking not only stopped working, but brought about severe side effects that greatly hindered her well-being. Relocating off the grid to a cabin in the woods, Goodall began researching, experimenting with, and recording the natural resources that grew in abundance around her and, it turns out, are available to us all.

By replacing harmful store-bought beauty, dietary, household, and health essentials with safe and highly effective homemade alternatives, Goodall completely transformed her quality of life. "Everyday Roots" is essentially the fruits of her labor.

Claire Goodall

The Everyday Roots Book was born...

Packed with an eye-opening number of natural remedies, recipes, and DIY tutorials, purchase of the "Everday Roots" eBook also includes complimentary companion herbal and coconut oil guides---the ultimate healthy living arsenal.

Goodall takes the reader through the practical and surprisingly simple steps to swapping out former store-bought household products such as laundry detergents and all purpose cleaners with non-toxic organic solutions. She similarly provides an impressive inventory of recipes for beauty balms and tonics, including moisturizers, face masks, scrubs, and toners, as well as fortifying anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners.

Goodall even offers a selection of DIY bath salts and fizzies, lest you should worry that organic living cuts out all the fun pampering goodies.

Never forgetting her own disastrous experience with pharmaceuticals, Goodall provides a thorough system for treating all manner of ailments. Cold sores, common colds, sore throats, menstrual cramps, migraines, toothaches, constipation, gas, bloating, and nausea are just a few of the topics Goodall covers.

Her over-the-counter substitutes are uncomplicated, with easily procured ingredients often found right in the home. Equally, if not more, effective than their OTC counterparts, Goodall's 100% natural remedies carry no side effects, and are safe for households of all ages and sensitivities.

Everyday Roots Book

Self reliance is a major factor in "Everyday Roots," with Goodall cheering the reader on to find his or her own path to sustainable living through common sense and applied organic knowledge. Her philosophy is straightforward from the get-go: why shell out your hard earned money to companies peddling artificial and potentially toxic products when you can make your own?

By advocating the use of herbs, flora & fauna, natural oils and vinegars, as well as ethically grown fruits and vegetables, Goodall makes a solid case for eschewing the practices instilled in many of us since childhood.

I did things 95% of the world does

Goodall reflects on her Everyday Roots book website ( "And today, looking back on the foods I ate, products I purchased and medications I used, it scares me to the core."

So, you may ask, what ARE her credentials for publishing a voluminous holistic lifestyle guide?

Many readers have posed a similar question, and the answer may encourage or dissuade you depending on your opinion of qualification. The truth is, Goodall is not a doctor or licensed expert in medicine, alternative or otherwise. She holds no degrees in the applicable fields related to what she promotes.

She is a natural researcher, who has based her material on personal experiments, discoveries, and applied uses. Her recipes and tutorials are tried and tested, and while she states up front that she is in no position to take the place of your healthcare provider, she CAN attest to the successful results she's personally reaped from her findings.

Another potential detriment for some is the book's formatting. "Everyday Roots" is an eBook, which means you download it onto your electronic device of choice; there is no hard copy version available. Goodall explains that this was the most cost-effective (and one imagines eco-friendly) way to publish and promote her materials.

The consumer benefits of "Everyday Roots"'s digital distribution are also worth considering. Purchase of the eBook includes a free copy of "The Everyday Herbs Guide", featuring various medicinal herbs such as Nettle, Valerian, and Echinacea, along with their uses, as well as "The Coconut Oil Book," which carries over 107 all-purpose uses for coconut oil. Purchase of "Everyday Roots" also grants immediate lifetime membership, with access to Goodall's updated editions of the book, as well as ongoing reports and how-to tutorials.

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Ultimately we all deserve the best quality of life available, which is essentially the heart of "Everyday Roots." While you may not be ready to undergo a complete lifestyle overhaul such as Goodall's, you can start small with simple adjustments to your diet, health, beauty, and household m.o.

The easy and effective recipes Goodall provides are based on years of exploration and application; what she lacks in collegiate credentials she more than makes up for in experience. For those seeking a fresh and comprehensive approach to holistic living with a no-nonsense backbone, "Everday Roots" is well worth the investment.


The Good Stuff:
  • The book's easy-to-read layout is divided into convenient chapters and subsections, with additional indexing for quick look-ups.
  • Goodall's information is thorough and well-researched, with every recipe and tutorial personally tried and tested.
  • The complimentary herbal and coconut guides are a wonderful addition, and definitely offset any cost inhibitions one may have.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Goodall is not a licensed professional, and makes no clinical or scientific claims. For those seeking an author with a PhD at the end of their title, Goodall's self-research and applied experiences may not provide the assurance of one writing from a collegiate background.
  • The book is an eBook, or digital format, which may be off-putting to those who prefer a hard copy guide or have limited electronic access.
Everyday Roots Book

Start Living a Healthier, Natural Life

The Everyday Roots Book also comes with 3 special BONUSES. Everyday Herbs, Coconut Oil Book, and a Lifetime Membership!