Review of Build a Container Home Book by Warren Hatcher

Book that provides simple step-by-step design plans to help you build your own container home from scratch.

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Build A Container Home Book by Warren Hatcher

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eBook with design PDF's




This is a comprehensive guide along with design plans to build your own container home from scratch, while saving you money by investing in the right things.


If you're like me, you have been researching the livability of a shipping container as the site for a retreat when the world goes awry. I've been interested since I found out how cheap they are, and that the shipping container can be up-cycled, which makes them an exceptional value.

They're environmentally-friendly, which was an important consideration for my bug-out retreat. I would be able to easily heat and cool the container with solar panels on the roof.

After buying the Build a Container Home book by Warren Thatcher, I was able to finally put my plan into action. It answered lots of questions for me as well as disproving some beliefs I had in the construction of my retreat.

It's currently in the final stages of construction, and I've been doing the work myself with the help of the information provided in the Build a Container Home book.

Who Would Benefit From a Container Home?

While it would be incredible if you could hide your retreat underground, the strength of the container exists at the corners. Filling dirt in around the outside of the container could collapse the sides. It's a terrific cabin or retreat to be built in the woods.

Some people, like me, have built a home from containers in places where they can live in uncertain times.

It's great for those who are budget conscious since the costs of building the container home is almost non-existent. The structure is already in place, you'll need to make additions and alterations based on what you need from the container.

The container itself is most likely sitting someplace unused because it costs too much to bring shipping containers back after a supply or product has been delivered. This means that it's environmentally-friendly too.

Container Home
shipping container home design

How The Build a Container Home Book Helped Me

The book has a ton of information about how to get started building your own container home. One of the biggest sections of the book itself is the safety aspects. It's something not often covered by others when talking about how to create a container home.

Things I Learned After Buying The Book

I learned that the area where I lived required a permit to build a shipping container home. I assumed that permits weren't required for a structure that wasn't technically a home. The book had a thorough checklist that I was able to consult during the planning stages of the project.

Build a Container Home Book

"I've searched sooo many websites but am so glad I stumbled onto this one. The construction plans are the best I've found and I can say with confidence; this is the best resource ever!. Awesome 3D designs and easy to follow instructions

Matt. H.
via email

Hi Warren, quality guide on building a home from shipping containers, I learned a lot from this

Frank B.
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Planning Your Own Container Home

There's much to plan when building a container home. You'll need to figure out the design and layout of the containers if you're choosing more than one, which is what I needed to consider. The structure I was building would need a section taller than the rest for lookout capabilities. I wanted to see over the trees for safety. The book contained 15-3D layouts for me to choose the best option for my needs.

Another aspect that needed to be planned was the layout of the electrical and solar panels. There were full diagrams in the book that helped with that process too.

Many people don't talk about the need for a foundation. It's an important aspect of the container home that needs to be addressed. The book covers how to prepare the site for your concrete foundation. Many new builders go wrong in this section, and the author wanted to fully cover the topic.

The Final Results

With the tips in the book as well as the sample layouts and advice, my container retreat has been progressing smoothly. Without the book, I would have run into problems with the permits as well as the electrical considerations.


The book covers all aspects of building a container home including where to find containers since they're not sitting around waiting to be discovered. It comes with over a dozen 3D designs to help you visualize the type of container that will work for your needs. It covers the foundations, layout, safety and permits you'll need for the construction process.


The Good Stuff:
  • 3D Designs
  • Get your questions answered by an expert
  • Addresses Safety Concerns
  • Includes Detailed Planning Checklists
The Bad Stuff:
  • Need to actually build your home yourself
  • It cost money to buy the containers and building materials.
Build a Container Home Book

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The Build a Container Home Book also comes with 15 3D container layout options