Bedroom Guardian Review - Can It Really Remove Bed Bugs?

This is the very first bed bug repellent device of it's kind!

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This is a review of Bedroom Guardian to see if it is a device that I recommend that helps getting rid of bed bugs.


I’ve always believed the bedroom should be your sanctuary – the place you go to unwind, refresh, and dream. When bed bugs bite, those dreams turn into nightmares. This was the case for my family shortly after we moved into our apartment. Within a few weeks my boys were waking up with strange bug bites all over their legs and back, and my husband and I were seeing them too.

Not only were the bites extra itchy, but my youngest son seemed to have an allergic reaction. His bites would swell up like hives. It was terrible. After doing some research online we realized bed bugs were to blame. We notified the apartment complex, and the property management team came out to spray chemical insecticides. That only seemed to help for a week or two at the most.

The bug sprays weren’t working, and I was starting to lose sleep because of the bed bugs and because I was worried about the effects those harsh chemicals might have on my family. I had to find a solution, so we tried everything. Finally, after doing some research online, I found Bedroom Guardian. Their solution is all natural, easy to use, and most importantly – it works!

What is Bedroom Guardian?

The Bedroom Guardian system is an anti-bed bug kit that comes with a detector unit and an elimination powder. The detector helps you confirm bed bugs are the problem, and the elimination powder kills them off and keeps them away.

The powder is food grade and safe for you to handle, but provides powerful protection against the bugs. They shipped the product quickly, and the price was reasonable, so we decided to give it a try.

The product works when the bed bugs come into contact with the elimination powder. The powder kills off the bed bugs right where they come out to feed on you. Once they crawl through the powder, it is all over for them.

As an added bonus, new bed bugs avoid the powder you’ve put down, helping to stop another infestation. It doesn’t claim to deter other bugs, but I noticed a reduction in all types of creepy crawlies after we used the powder.

Bedroom Guardian

How Did It Work For Me?

I put the detection disk between my mattress and box spring, but the instructions say it works effectively if placed on the floor under the bed too. I wasn’t as concerned about detection, since we were pretty positive bed bugs were the problem, but it was nice to have our suspicions confirmed.

Then, we simply sprinkled the elimination powder under and around all our beds. I used it in my son’s rooms too and didn’t have to be concerned about them breathing in chemicals while they slept.

The results were immediate. We noticed a decrease in bites the very first night, and within a week I’d say we were pretty much bed bug free. Not only did the elimination powder kill the bugs that were biting us, but it really seemed to keep new ones from coming into our apartment.

I was especially impressed with that because I believe the bed bugs were coming from one of the neighbors since they kept coming back after insecticide treatments.

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My Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend Bedroom Guardian if bed bugs are biting you. It is the only thing my family found that really worked to kill the bed bugs and keep them from coming back. It was safe to use around my family and pets, which was really important to me. I couldn’t have been happier with the product. The price was reasonable, it shipped fast, and it got rid of the bugs quickly. I don’t know what we would have done without Bedroom Guardian.


The Good Stuff:
  • It Works – This was the biggest positive for my family. We’d tried a lot of products (pretty much the whole bug killer isle at the store) and many of them didn’t seem to do anything. Bedroom Guardian really worked to eliminate the bed bugs in our home.
  • Reasonably Priced – The price of the product is very reasonable. Especially in comparison to the products we’d been trying. They do a recurring shipment thing and the price goes up after your first treatment, but it is still a price point that was easy to accept, even with my large family.
  • No Harsh Chemicals – This was another important factor for my family. I have three small children and two cats. I really needed something that was safe for them. Bedroom Guardian met that demand. The product is natural, safe to handle, and I didn’t really notice any odor.
  • It’s Fast – Having a product that worked as quickly as it did was a life saver. We’d gotten to the point that it was hard to even have a good night’s sleep because the bugs were biting us all night. The product started working right away, and we were sleeping through the night, without bites, within a week.
  • It Keeps Working – Nothing else we tried continued to work. The first treatment of Bedroom Guardian we used kept working for about two months without the need for another application. This was fantastic. Especially since many of the products we tried had to be reapplied much more frequently.
  • Recurring Shipments – Their recurring shipment program meant that we had more Bedroom Guardian arriving right when we needed it. I didn’t have to remember to order anything or run to the store because it just showed up right on our doorstep.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Increased Price – After your initial purchase, the price goes up. I still thought it was reasonably priced compared to other products, but it is more expensive after your initial purchase. Their initial price is like your introductory offer though, and the price is higher after that.
  • Continued Use – I was hoping for a one and done product that didn’t require additional applications, but there doesn’t seem to be such a thing. My understanding of Bedroom Guardian is that it must be reapplied at least every two months to keep bed bugs out of your home. It might be easier in a single family home, but in an apartment, the bugs seem to keep coming back unless we continue to apply the powder every couple months.
  • Ordering Online – I don’t mind ordering online myself, but if you’re looking for something you can run to the store and pick up, this isn’t the product. I’ve only been able to find it online. Their shipping is affordable and fast though, so I wasn’t left waiting several weeks for my order to arrive.
  • Powder on the Floor – I’m sort of obsessed with vacuuming, so it went against my nature to sprinkle powder under my bed and leave it. I think the results were well worth it, though.
Bedroom Guardian

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