Organic Red Wine Benefits: 10 Reasons to Grab Yourself a Glass
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10 Reasons Why You Might Want to Start Drinking Organic Red Wine

Red Wine Benefits

Although you have probably heard of organic red wine, you may not know that this type of wine comes with health benefits. Organic red wine is made from the same kind of grape as standard wine.

However, this type of wine lacks sulfite, a preservative commonly used in regular wine, and the grapes used have not been exposed to any pesticide or herbicide. Pesticides, herbicides, and sulfite preservatives can cause significant health issues.

Before you include organic red wine in your diet, you should know whether it is beneficial, plus its health benefits if any. Below are ten reasons why you might want to make organic red wine a part of your diet.

10 Reasons Why You Might Want to Start Drinking Organic Red Wine. |

1. Make organic red wine part of your diet and reduce the risk of cancer

According to a study recently conducted at the University of Virginia, taking a glass of organic red wine several times a week helps to starve nascent cancer cells, at least in some cases.

Organic red wine contains a secret ingredient known as resveratrol, and the study suggests that this compound inhibits a cancer-feeding protein, causing the starvation of nascent cancer cells. Although alcohol is known to damage cells in the human body, research shows that resveratrol attacks and kills damaged cells.

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According to a recent study, the resveratrol in organic red wine counteracts the effects of alcohol and lowers the rate of cancer. Organic red wine is, therefore, capable of reducing the risk of cancer if consumed in moderation.

2. Lose weight in a relaxed and stylish manner

Excessive body weight is associated with diseases such as obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, asthma, and certain types of cancer.

As a result, obesity reduces life expectancy and is currently among the leading preventable causes of death. Shedding off excessive body weight is, therefore, important. Weight loss is one of the many health benefits of taking organic red wine.

It is not surprising that this is also due to the resveratrol present in the skin of red grapes. For starters, your body will convert piceatannol from the resveratrol, which then binds to fat cells in a manner that stops these cells from growing and maturing.

The resveratrol also helps to regulate your blood sugar level, which is known to influence appetite. As such, taking a glass of this type of wine might help you to lose weight since it minimizes the urge to overeat.

3. Depressed? Start drinking organic red wine

According to a recent study, the anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol can actually help to ease depression. In the United States alone, about 148 million people are currently battling some form of depression.

As such, the news of organic red wine’s potential benefit when it comes to easing depression is huge, and it might lead to more studies on the connection between depression and natural anti-inflammatories.

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4. Consume organic red wine in moderation and lower your cholesterol

According to research, lowering your cholesterol reduces the chances of plaque forming in your arteries, which might lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral artery disease.

According to leading scientists in Spain, consuming organic red wine made from high-fiber Tempranillo grapes helps to lower the levels of LDL, bad cholesterol, by approximately 9-12 percent.

As such, you can improve your overall health, particularly the health of your heart, by taking moderate amounts of organic red wine regularly.

5. Drink organic red wine to improve your mental acuity

Studies show that the resveratrol found in organic red wine has promising effects on cognitive well-being.

According to research conducted at the Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center, resveratrol minimizes the formation of the protein responsible for the plaque found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

As such, drinking organic red wine might work to improve your mental acuity.

6. An improved immune response is useful when it comes to fighting infections

Organic red wine contains antioxidants linked to enhanced immune responses, which is quite handy in the fight against diseases.

Some studies found evidence that suggests taking organic red wine on a regular basis reduces your chances of coming down with some of the most common diseases such as the cold by up to 40 percent.

7. A glass of organic red wine a day might help to prevent blood clots

Organic red wine also contains antioxidants known as polyphenols that have been found to increase the flexibility of blood vessels, minimizing the risk of unwanted blood clots.

Preventing blood clots is important since they can cause life-threatening health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. In fact, studies suggest that taking organic red wine on a regular basis might be just as effective as aspirin is in this regard.

8. Retain a smooth complexion and become more attractive by sipping red wine

After exploring the possibility that alcohol consumption might cause its consumers to be rated as more attractive than their sober counterparts, a study suggests that consuming a glass of organic red wine every day might lead to a happier and more relaxed mood, leading to increased facial flushing.

Although you might consider this as a no brainer, it gets interesting. Studies found that such things can make a person more attractive, especially in the eyes of their partner.

Even though this is not a physical health benefit, you would probably agree that it is an emotional perk. Another exciting health benefit offered by organic red wine is the fact that it contains antioxidants that help to keep your skin complexion smooth.

These antioxidants control bacterial growth, which consequently reduces acne in the same way conventional topical treatments do.

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9. Step up the fight against cavities by taking organic red wine

You probably agree that maintaining good dental health is a priority. Although many communities still fluoridate water earmarked for oral hygiene, the effects are not only limited but also potentially harmful.

As such, it is great to learn that taking some organic red wine might have the same effect minus the adverse effects. A new study even suggests that by preventing bacterial growth, the ingestion of organic red wine helps in the fight against cavities.

According to the study, oenological extracts and organic red wine display antimicrobial effects in oral bacteria biofilm models.

10. Reduce your risk of allergies and enjoy the benefits of wine

A lot of people do not drink regular wine because they are allergic to sulfur or related compounds. However, drinking 100 percent organic red wine is a much better option for those who have allergies.

Such individual will, therefore, be able to enjoy the health benefits and pleasures associated with organic red wine without running the risk of terrible headaches or any other allergic response.

Get Yourself a Glass of Red Wine Today

While taking a glass of organic red wine each day has been shown to have significant health benefits, the consumption of alcohol is also known to have some toxic effect, which means that red wine is not a total freebie.

As such, you cannot drink unlimited amounts of organic red wine or as much as you like since that kind of behavior comes with a variety of risks. However, there is an argument for the idea that when consumed in moderation, organic red wine has numerous health benefits.

For instance, there is recent evidence that suggests taking a glass of wine daily might help overweight people to burn fat much faster.

Organic red wine is not necessarily the only source of resveratrol, and you can find this compound in several other things like certain nuts and berries.

Remember, you should not aim to enjoy every health benefit listed above, at least not all at once. Besides, you may not necessarily notice some of the benefits, which does not mean you did not get them.

Maintaining your health is your responsibility, and you should, therefore, try to ensure the levels are as high as possible. You can also find visual material on the various health benefits of taking organic red wine online.


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