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These 14 Home Remedies Will Help With Nasal Congestion

home remedies for Nasal Congestion

Playing nostril games is a horrible experience for countless people at any given point in time. The game stems from sinus congestion and involves tilting the head one way and then another to try and clear up a breathing passage.

In the end, head tilting is not an adequate home remedy to easy a stuffy nose. There are 14 proven home remedies that are proven effective at helping to ease a stuff nose.

These 14 Home Remedies Will Help Ease a Stuffy Nose. | Ideahacks.com

Munch on Horseradish

Addressing a stuffy nose need not be a complicated task. A a tried and tested remedy for expelling mucus and clearing sinuses is eating horseradish, according to Reader’s Digest and its summary of home cures.

Horseradish can be used as a spread on sandwiches or added to different types of dishes. It can be blended with olive oil and lemon juice and used as a spread on crackers or dip for chips.

Horseradish is a member of the mustard family, as is wasabi. For some people, wasabi can provide the same relief as can stronger derivations of mustard.

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Maintain Constant Humidity

The Mayo Clinic recommends maintaining consistent humidity levels in a home or workplace as a means of addressing nasal congestion and even preventing it in the first instance. Constant changes in humidity levels aggravates sinus membranes and can increase the production of mucus. Maintaining a consistent humidity level aids in avoiding this reaction and helps lessen it once it has commenced.

There actually are other benefits to be derived from maintaining a consistent humidity level in a residence of place of business. Medical experts suggest that taking this approach aids in staving other related issues like cold and flu.

Steam with Eucalyptus

eucalyptus has long been used to treat certain ailments. There is scientific evidence that supports the proposition that eucalyptus kills certain types of bacteria oftentimes responsible for problems that cause congestion, according to Reader’s Digest. This includes sinus infections.

Use an Extra Pillow

Congestion can be particularly problematic at night when a person is trying to sleep. A practical, easy to implement home remedy is using an extra pillow when in bed, according to WebMD. This tends to relieve pressure in the nasal passages, improving breathing.

If an extra pillow proves to much a change, pillows can be placed between the mattress and box springs. Taking this approach provides a person with more gentle, less severe incline.

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar in Water

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

A range of benefits are associated with apple cider vinegar. By taking a teaspoonful in a glass of water, many people enjoy relief from congested nasal passages, according to a report on home remedies in Reader’s Digest.

Many people take apple cider vinegar daily as a wellness related practice. There is some evidence to suggest that doing so can help stave off nasal congestion in the first place for some people.

Have a Toddy

There is a good reason why people have recommended a hot toddy for sinus congestion for generations. A hot toddy works to clear congestion, according to WebMD. The recipe for a hot toddy is easy.

Into one cup of hot water, add one shot of whiskey or bourbon and a teaspoon of honey. This is an adults-only home remedy.

Maintain Hydration

A Reader’s Digest report combating congestion extols the virtue of maintaining proper hydration. Proper hydration does aid in keeping the membranes in the sinus cavity and elsewhere supple and functioning properly.

The level of water consumption necessary to maintain proper hydration varies from one person to the next. The common target level of consumption oftentimes discussed is eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

The 8-ounce glass marker is a good starting point. A heavier person needs to drink more water. An active person needs to drink more. If a person is in a hot, dry climate, the need for water usually exists.

Take a Shower

Another effective and easy to follow home remedy to aid in alleviating a stuffy nose is to take a shower, according to Healthline. The steam from a hot shower helps to clear nasal passages.

In addition, showering washes away contaminants that may have accumulated on the skin during the course of the day that contribute to a clogged nasal passages. For example, if a person has pets in the house, dander abounds no matter how often a person cleans the living space. There is a myriad of contaminants in the outside world as well, from dirt to pollen.

Eat Garlic


Adding garlic to dishes is also helpful in clearing nasal passages for some people, according to Reader’s Digest. Relief is accomplished by being generous with the addition of garlic to foods.

Because of pungent aroma of garlic, and its ability to linger, a person will want to have access to breath mints or mouthwash if at all possible following the consumption of a food item with added garlic.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can be effective at easing congestion by drying up excess mucus in nasal passages, according to Reader’s Digest. Cayenne pepper readily can be added to a wide range of different types of dishes. It can also be used to make a spicy hot tea. A person blends 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in hot water to create the tea.

Use Saline Spray

There innumerable over-the-counter saline sprays on the market. In addition, a person can make an effective saline spray at home. Saline spray is effective at easing congestion, according to Healthline.

Saline spray lessens inflammation of blood vessels. Inflamed blood vessels contribute to congestion. In addition, saline spray helps empty fluids from the sinuses and nasal passages.

Flush with a Neti Pot

A neti pot is a device designed to flush accumulated fluids and mucus from the nasal passages. The process is effective at relieving congestion, according to Healthline.

A neti pot takes a bit of practice to use. A person fills the neti pot with water. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends sterile or distilled water for this purpose rather than regular tap water. Some people use sterile saline solution.

Over a sink, a person tilts his or her head to the side, places the spout of the neti pot into the upper nostril, and then slowly pours water into that nostril. The water wafts through the nasal passages, draining through the lower nostril. A person does this for about 60 seconds and then switches positions and repeats, pouring water in the other nostril.

Many doctors recommend using a neti pot as a regular practice. Doing so prevents allergens from accumulating in the nasal passages.

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Place a Warm Compress

The use of a warm compress also helps alleviate a stuffed nose for some people, according to Healthline. Prepare a warm compress and place it over the forehead and nose. The process is repeated until a person begins to feel relief from a clogged nose.

A compress is simple to prepare. Soak a washcloth in warm water and ring out excess. The process needs to be repeated as the compress begins to cool. A wet, warm compress appears more effective than utilizing some type of dry alternative.

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Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is thought to lessen the symptoms associated with a cold, a cold being a common cause of congestion. Taking vitamin C, and consuming foods and beverages rich I vitamin C, may help to reduce congestion, according to Everyday Health.

Research also suggests that vitamin C supplements, or eating health portions of foods rich in vitamin C, assists in preventing colds in the first instance. There is evidence that vitamin C aids in enhancing a person’s immune system.

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When a person detects the early stages of congestion, he or she is wise to react quickly. By undertaking one or another of these remedies in a more proactive manner, odds are strong that the extent and duration of congestion will be minimized.

Many people enjoy quicker and more significant relief by utilizing more than one of these home remedies. For example, a person can easily boost his or her vitamin C intake, maintain a constant level of humidity, use a neti pot and remain well hydrated with relative ease.

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